How To Prevent Malnutrition At Home: 7 Steps

Malnutrition is a problem that not only exclusively affects the child population; young people, adults and the elderly can also be affected by this situation. One of the main factors that favors the presence of malnutrition in a population is the lack of economic resources. In this article you will find the most effective steps to prevent malnutrition at home with a low budget.

Perform a monthly check

Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

Identify those who need priority attention at home. Although malnutrition can occur at any age, it is important that you pay immediate attention at home to children, the elderly, pregnant or lactating women and people who have a disease.

Pregnant and lactating women require a higher intake of nutrients to meet their nutritional needs and those of the baby. Sometimes the economic situation is a definitive factor for the mother to achieve a healthy weight during pregnancy.

Because children are in a developmental stage, they also need a greater amount of nutrients in their body to reach a suitable size, height and weight according to their age.

Elderly people require special attention in their diet, since they frequently have low tolerance to some kinds of food and sometimes their body does not carry out the process of absorbing nutrients effectively.

People diagnosed with a disease are usually at higher risk of malnutrition due to symptoms of the disease itself and loss of appetite.

Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

Monitor weight, height and height. A clear indicator that something is not working well in the body of an adult person is unexplained weight loss, while in children it is the difficulty in reaching the height, height and weight indicated according to their age what will determine that something is wrong with your nutrition. In both cases there may be principles of malnutrition.

It is important that you keep a monthly record of weight and height, in this way you will be able to detect if there has been any unusual change, in the case of pregnant women this control must be carried out weekly.

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You can buy a meter to fix on the wall, this will make it easier to measure the height of children.

It is recommended to measure the weight in the morning hours with enough time after having eaten your breakfast or before breakfast and with your bladder empty, you should also remove all your clothes before weighing yourself.

Another indicator that shows when something is not going well in nutrition is the teeth; If you detect that the tooth enamel on the person’s teeth is wearing down, it may be that his body is not receiving the necessary nutrients.

On the internet you can find the calculator and the appropriate size and weight table according to age and sex, you can use it as a reference to compare your monthly measurement.

Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

It tracks the health status if the person suffers from any disease. You should monitor weight changes more closely if a disease has been diagnosed; It is usual that with the presence of some disease the appetite is lost or that part of the development of the disease causes weight loss so the person eats regularly.

Try to get the person to drink enough fluids to keep their body hydrated; lack of hydration causes a feeling of weakness, headache and can affect the proper functioning of your internal organs. When the body is dehydrated, weight is lost considerably.

Although the person does not feel like eating, his body needs nutrients; he tries to get her to eat several small portions of whatever she wants most throughout the day.

Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

Maintain proper hygiene. It is essential that you try to keep your home as clean as possible; Areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen are propitious spaces for the proliferation of germs and bacteria that cause infections.

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Wash your hands and have the person with the problem do the same every time they use the bathroom or prepare food to avoid stomach infections that can cause diarrhea and dehydration.

If you have pets at home you must be even more careful with hygiene; You should wash your hands and use a disinfectant gel after having had contact with pets, remember that animals are carriers of some bacteria that can be dangerous to humans.

Drink only drinking water and use a carbon filter to purify the water. If you cannot buy a filter, you can boil the water and store it preferably in a covered glass container in a dry and cool place or in your fridge. It is recommended that you only store drinking water for a short time.

Diversify food

Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

Adapt diet according to available resources. Sometimes the economic resources available are not enough to meet basic food needs; however, there are some strategies that are very helpful to feed your family at home at a low cost.

Lentils, beans, chickpeas, and soybeans are high in protein and are a good alternative if you can’t buy meat, chicken, or fish regularly. Protein-rich foods will help a person gain weight by nourishing their muscles.

The use of vegetable oil to prepare and season meals provides a large amount of calories and you can buy it at a comfortable price.

Search the market for seasonal fruits and vegetables that are more affordable in price and quantity.

Pregnancy and lactation demand greater consumption of nutritious foods, cereals such as rice, wheat and corn, in addition to containing a high source of nutrients, usually have a low cost and are an excellent option to complement the diet of a woman in a state of pregnant or breastfeeding.

Pregnant women with difficulty gaining weight should avoid skipping meals and the portions they consume should be larger than a regular portion.

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Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

Use the aid offered by the government and other entities. Sometimes your financial budget may not be enough to meet the nutritional needs of your family and you may need extra help.

In the governorates, mayors and offices of the Red Cross in your locality they can provide you with information about the various food programs and aid for low-income populations.

Community kitchens are an excellent alternative if you do not have enough financial resources to provide a balanced diet for your children at home.

You can also create your own garden at home if you have adequate space or you can consult with the director of the community school to create a community educational garden that benefits many families, in this way you will be able to obtain vegetables for frequent consumption.

You can go to the Food Bank closest to your community, there they can provide you with some non-perishable foods such as dry grains, cereals and canned goods.

Many of the governorates and mayors have special programs aimed at children’s nutrition where they provide families with free enriched flour supplements to prepare at home.

Cómo prevenir la desnutrición en casa: 7 Pasos

Get the person to exercise. No matter how old you are or if you have any medical conditions, it is important that you exercise so that your system is activated and your body works better. There are even exercise routines designed for people who, due to illness or accident, have physical restrictions.

Practicing exercise not only benefits your health, it also favors the increase in appetite and helps you in the process of digesting food.

It is advisable to practice exercise at least three times a week in the morning hours.

Many local health centers offer free exercise programs for people with physical limitations.

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