3 Ways To Firm Your Breasts

It is not uncommon to want to have firm and lifted breasts. Unfortunately, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations, and aging of the breast tissue and skin can cause breasts to sag easily. While you can achieve dramatic results quickly by consulting a medical professional and possibly undergoing surgery, this is not the only way to get firmer breasts. Adjusting your lifestyle and posture habits will prevent further sagging and developing a normal exercise routine targeting the pectoral muscles will lift your breasts over time.

Prevent sagging breasts

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Wear supportive sports bras while working out. The breasts bounce and stretch with each jump or step. Exercising is a healthy habit, but make sure you’re wearing a snug-fitting sports bras before you head out for a run. Having the right sports bra will reduce stress and strain on your breast tissue and pectoral muscles.

Try to stay away from compression bras that flatten your breasts against your chest wall. Compression bras will help reduce bouncing up and down, but not side-to-side movements, because they treat the breasts as a single moving unit. Instead, choose an encapsulation bra that has separate molded cups that will support the individual movement of your breasts.

If you have large breasts, look for sports bras with underwires and thick straps.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Replace your bras when the support bands stretch out. If your bra’s innermost clasp is no longer providing firm support, it’s time to replace it. Breast size can change due to hormones, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy, so if your current bra is uncomfortable or too loose, get yourself measured for a new bra.

If you normally wear your bra with the looser clasp, gradually start using the tighter clasps as the bra stretches. As your bra wears out over time, this will help you get the most out of it.

Maintain the life of your bras by fastening them before washing. If you can’t hand wash them, use the gentle cycle and place them in a mesh laundry bag to prevent stretching.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Avoid exposing your breasts to sunlight for long periods of time. Over-tanning without a top on top, especially without using sunscreen, can dry out the tissue around your breasts and cause it to lose its elasticity. If you want to tan, try to do it in moderation and always wear sunscreen.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Practice good posture by keeping your back straight and your shoulders back. Keeping your back rounded and your shoulders forward will relax your pectoral muscles and cause your breasts to sag. If this happens regularly, gravity will start to lower your breasts naturally. Simply stretching your posture will help keep the muscles around your chest toned and lift your breasts.

If you find yourself slouching in a chair, place a pillow behind your back.

If you sit on the floor, lean your back against the wall to avoid slouching.

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3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Sleep on your back. If you prefer to sleep on a certain side of your body, you may notice that the chest on top droops and stretches more than the one on the mattress. By sleeping on your back, you can keep both breasts firmer for longer.

If you wear a bra to sleep, while you may experience the immediate rewards of perkier breasts in the morning, in the long run you can do damage to your breasts. Wearing a bra at night, especially underwire, decreases the natural ability of the breasts to rise on their own.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Avoid weight fluctuations caused by yo-yo dieting. Following and abandoning diets can cause stretch marks and inelastic skin. When you gain weight, the skin around your breasts stretches. If you lose that weight quickly, your breasts may appear more saggy due to stretched skin. Over time, continual weight fluctuations will cause the skin to lose its elasticity.

Try to create a realistic exercise and portion control regimen that you will stick to. This will help break the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

You can have weight fluctuations for reasons other than yo-yo dieting, but those reasons such as hormonal influences, stress and illness may be out of your control, unlike yo-yo dieting which is.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Quit smoking to minimize tissue stretching and collagen breakdown. Nicotine breaks down collagen, which is the elastic connective tissue in the skin around the breasts, and collagen, which is responsible for giving the breasts firmness. Although quitting smoking may not reverse the damage already done to elastin and collagen, it may prevent the sagging process from getting worse.

To get started, visit your GP and talk to him or her about ways to quit smoking safely. Quitting smoking can be difficult and stress the body until it adjusts to being without nicotine. It’s best to talk to your doctor about any current illnesses or conditions that may add to this stress.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Apply cold water on your chest. Cold water or even ice can increase the elasticity of the skin around the breasts. After you finish taking a hot shower, rinse your breasts with cold water.

Using cold water on your breasts works well in conjunction with a normal exercise routine, as this method will only help the skin’s elasticity and will not make your breasts firmer. Firming your breasts will require exercise.

Firm the pectoral muscles

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Swim a few laps at the local pool to firm up your bust line. Despite the fluidity of swimming, doing it regularly requires a considerable amount of strength. If you have access to a pool, this is an easy way to firm up your breasts and get a great workout.

Practice freestyle, breaststroke, and butterfly movements to engage your core and chest muscles.

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3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Do traditional push-ups to develop your chest and upper core muscles. Although they may seem difficult to do at first, push-ups are an easy way to increase muscular endurance without the need for additional equipment. As you increase reps over time, your chest and core muscles will get stronger and firmer, lifting your breasts.

When you do push-ups, your back should remain straight at all times. If you arch your back, you won’t work your pectoral muscles effectively.

To help build your muscles, you can start by doing push-ups on your knees and then gradually work your way up to a traditional push-up.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Perform dumbbell lifts to tighten your chest muscles. The weights will provide resistance to your chest and shoulder muscles and over time will lift your breasts. You can use dumbbells or barbell weights, whichever is more comfortable for you to use.

First, lie on your back on an exercise bench and hold the weights with both hands. Keeping your back flat, push the weights up into the air away from your shoulders. Inhale as you bring the weights back to your chest and repeat the process 10 more times.

Weightlifting can be dangerous because you are lifting the weights directly above your head. Make sure someone is watching you in case of an emergency.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Turn weightlifting into dumbbell fly exercises. Once you build muscle with the lifts, you can transition from the same technique to a dumbbell fly. This is an easy way to work additional muscles and you can even do this exercise standing up.

When you push the dumbbells up for the dumbbell lift, exhale and open your arms like wings, until the dumbbells are at shoulder level. Keeping your arms straight, lift the weights up, then lower them back to your chest.

Don’t start this exercise with heavy weights as you could easily bend or twist your wrists.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Perform ball presses up and down, using a small exercise ball. This is a simple exercise that you can do at home or between commercial breaks when you watch TV. All you need to get started is a small exercise or toy ball.

Press the ball between your palms. The ball should fit comfortably between your palms and have a bit of weight to it when you pick it up.

Get into a wide stance, as if you were in a mid-squat. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet should point slightly outward.

Bend your elbows and bring the ball up to your chest. Then extend your arms overhead, pressing the ball firmly, while simultaneously extending your knees to mid-wide stance.

Bring your legs back into a squat position, then quickly press your legs up as you bring the ball back to your chest. The movement should be fluid, almost like a bounce, before you stay in the starting position.

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Find medical or surgical solutions

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Visit a dermatologist if the skin on your chest is sagging. Your doctor may suggest chemical peel and laser treatments to tighten sagging skin. You should also ask about less invasive treatments like anti-aging creams or other remedies that improve the collagen in your skin.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Ask your general practitioner to recommend a surgeon. Plastic or cosmetic surgery may involve certain risks or affect your current health. It’s best to make sure you don’t have any underlying conditions that would prevent you from having plastic surgery. Once your doctor clears it, ask for recommendations of reputable plastic surgeons and see if any are covered by your health insurance.

Be sure to check the benefits and risks with the surgeon you choose. Explain your expectations and ask him to review with you in detail the different surgical options, their cost and recovery time.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Get a surgical lift to make your breasts look younger. A mastopexy lifts the skin, ligaments, and breast tissue to make the breasts appear firmer. If you don’t plan to have any more children, a surgical lift can make your entire chest look younger and firmer.

A mastopexy will only firm your breasts and will not change their size. Recovery time can take up to 6 weeks for numbness and pain to subside and a couple of months for the breasts to fully heal.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Get fat grafting to firm up your breasts. During this procedure, a surgeon removes fat from other areas of your body and injects it into the chest area to make it fuller and firmer. This option will give you a more natural look than implants, but it can also take 4-6 sessions for you to get the results you want.

The breasts will need several weeks to fully heal after fat grafting and once that happens, you may need another session if you are not happy with the results.

3 formas de reafirmar tus pechos

Get implants to change the size of your breasts. This is the fastest way to drastically increase the size of your breasts. You can get silicone or saline implants, depending on your age and preferences.

Silicone implants are pre-filled and placed under the breast tissue. The sensation is similar to that of human fat. They are available for breast reconstruction and to anyone over the age of 22.

Saline implants are placed under the breast tissue and then filled with sterile salt water. They are available for breast reconstruction and to anyone over the age of 18.

Keep in mind that the recovery process after implants can take up to 6 weeks. Within those 6 weeks, you will need to see your surgeon regularly and gradually return to your exercise routine.

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